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Written in partnership with Dr. Clarence De BELILOVSKY, dermatologist; member of the Mustela experts circle.


Atopy is when the body produces too many specific antibodies: immunoglobulins E (IgE). In the presence of allergens, the immune system will overreact: this is an allergy. Atopy can take several forms: it affects the skin through eczema but other signs can also exist like asthma, hay fever, conjunctivitis, and so on.


Eczema is a non-contagious skin affliction, generally resulting in strong itching. There are different types of eczema like contact eczema or atopic eczema. Atopic eczema alternates between periods of respite and periods of flare-up. It can appear when the newborn is a few months old.


This term describes a product with the ability to soften the skin and relax the inflamed skin tissue. It is recommended to nourish and take care of atopic-prone skin in periods of respite, as well as to cure and soothe the skin in periods of flare-ups alongside a specific medical treatment (dermocorticoïd). Some emollient products can immediately allow a 95% reduction in the itching. How to choose them? Baby/child specific, natural or patented ingredients, high tolerance, hypoallergenic, preservative free, etc. All these indications are guarantees for your child’s well-being. 


Allergens correspond to substances that provoke an allergic reaction among certain people when they are confronted with it. It can be found in the environment (pollen, mites, pets’ hairs) as well as in food. 


Dermo-corticoids are medicines with corticoids for local application on the skin to cure certain inflammations. 


Sudden skin rash.


Itching of the skin, more or less intense. In some cases, some skincare products can immediately reduce itching by up to 95%. 


Dermatitis describes a skin inflammation. As such, atopic-prone skin is also called atopic dermatitis. And what about dermatosis? Dermatosis covers all skin afflictions. Atopic-prone skin is both dermatosis and dermatitis.
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