Atopic dermatitis and holidays: rituals to be adopted

Atopic-prone skin, also called atopic dermatitis, affects one child in five.1, but atopic doesn’t mean atypical. If the signs of this eczema are unpleasant (redness, itching sensations, dryness, etc.), they are not rare, nor contagious to other children, and not irreversible.

Written in partnership with Dr. Clarence De BELILOVSKY, dermatologist & member of the Mustela experts' circle.

Admittedly, holidays are a time for casualness and freedom, but there are some things you must not forget when dealing with atopic-prone skin.
First, let’s talk about geography. Can you go anywhere with your child? Of course! However, you will have to pay attention to the climate and the seasons1. Si vous vous envolez pour un endroit où If you fly to a very warm place, sweating encourages itching sensations. Cold is not optimal either: dry air tends to dry the skin out. 
Even so, thanks to good habits and the daily application of emollients, everything should be fine (see Emollient benefits). Whether you go to the beach or the mountains, each holiday destination has its particular benefits2.

Some weel-adapted treatments for holidays in order to take care of baby's atopic-prone skin

For your peace of mind, be careful what you put in your bags. Wherever you go, remember to take:
- Your child’s baby/child-specific cleansing and emollient care products. If you know that you can easily buy some where you are going, there is no need to worry: just bring enough for a few days. If you have any doubts, it is better to bring enough for your whole trip. 
- The specific treatment prescribed by your physician in case of flare-ups. You should keep your prescription in your cosmetic bag or with your important documents so that you will be ready for anything. 
- A fragrance-free, very-high protection sun lotion, suitable for atopic-prone skin and with a high SPF, if you fly to a sunny place. 
- Cotton underwear and clothes, whether it is winter or summer (explore What should be worn with an atopic-prone skin?).

Note: advice to prevent eczema flare-ups during holidays

Is your child going on holiday to stay at his grandparents’ or his cousins’ home? Maybe a little list of advice and best practices to prevent or treat his atopic dermatitis will make everyone’s life easier: “Apply his emollient every day, avoid letting animals in his room, vacuum regularly” and so on. You might consider writing your own list right now, just in case.
Explore The influence of climate and seasons on flare-up development
2 See Pool, sport, playing: which activities are OK for my atopic-prone child?


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