STELATOPIA® Skin soothing pajamas

Atopic-prone skin

STELATOPIA® Skin soothing pajamas

Combination of a 100% cotton textile and a soothing encapsulated formula with 100% cosmetic ingredients of natural origin.

Available in 2 sizes : • 6-12 months • 12-24 months

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    100% ingredient of natural origin
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Proven efficacy

The first Stelatopia® skin soothing pajamas which combines a 100% cotton textile and a soothing encapsulated formula with 100% of ingredients of natural origin.

A textile specifically designed for atopic-prone skin:

  • 100% cotton fibers, recommended for atopic-prone skin
  • Textile certified Oeko-tex standard 100®. An European label imposing strict controls to ensure skin safety by banning the use of harmful chemicals.
  • Outer seams: to limit scratching
  • Textile adapted to the growth of the child: roll-up sleeves and feet, American collar.
  • Developed in partnership with the French Institute of Textiles and Clothing (IFTH).

A soothing formula with 100% cosmetic ingredients of natural origin:

  • Efficacy on the sensations of itching: reduces the incentive to scraping.
  • Improvement of the sleep - Softer and more comfortable skin.
Proven by science

Stelatopia® skin soothing pajamas especially formulated for the atopic-prone skin of your child:

  • Anti-itch efficacy: 81% satisfaction(1)
  • Soothing efficacy: 84% satisfaction(1)
  • 2 times less noctural awakenings 2)
  • Fall asleep 2 times faster(3)
  • Softer and more comfortable skin after 7 days(1)


(1)Clinical study, by investigators' assessment under dermatological and pediatric control on 66 babies and children with atopic-prone skin over 28 days. in addition to daily emollient care

(2)Consumer study on 16 babies and children with atopic-prone skin for 14 days - in addition to daily emollient care - in partnership with the French Eczema Association

(3)Consumer study on 14 babies and children with atopic-prone skin for 21 days - in addition to daily emollient care - in partnership with the French Eczema Association


How to use

Ensure that the outer seams and tag are exposed and fabric is in direct contact with skin. Can be worn alone or under regular pajamas. Put on as soon as the usual emollient is absorbed. Use on dry, unbroken and non-oozing skin. 

Machine wash cold/30°C. Up to 20 washes. 



Safety & Ingredients

Safe for Mom and Baby

Mustela is committed to safety first and foremost as we know there is nothing more precious than your baby.

To ensure the safety of our products, all Mustela products are developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals, based on scientific research.

List of ingredients

CERAMIDE NP, Helianthus annuus (SUNFLOWER) SEED OIL , Helianthus annuus (SUNFLOWER) SEED OIL Unsaponifiables, PERSEA GRATISSIMA (AVOCADO) OIL, SQUALANE, Tocopherol



  • Replenishing patented natural ingredients:

Sunflower Oil Distillate: has soothing properties and provides lipids essential to maintaining skin's moisture barrier.

Avocado Oil: helps to reinforce and protect the skin barrier to promote its restoration, damaged for atopicprone skin.


  • Ceramides: help to restore the skin barrier.
  • Squalane: natural emollient, similar to some skin lipids.
  • Vitamine E: antioxidant.

What are our products made of?

We always give priority to ingredients of natural origins.

We also use exclusively safe yet efficient ingredients, with restrictions that go beyond the European regulation - already known as one of the strictest and safest in the world.

Do you know your baby's skin type?

Mustela researchers have scientifically proven that it exists 4 different baby's skin types.

Delicately soft and supple, dry and rough, very sensitive or prone to Eczema, ... what is your baby's skin type?

Beautiful and perfect, yet so fragile...

As beautiful as it is in appearance, your baby’s skin remains very fragile!

From birth on, even if perfectly normal, baby’s skin needs specific daily hydration and long-lasting protection.

Diaper change: the skin care products you need

At each diaper change, a thorough cleaning with natural and high-tolerance products and the application of a diaper cream are two key steps for your baby’s hygiene and well-being.

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