i want my own skincare

I want my own skincare

Mustela cares

Mustela offers ranges adapted to every skin type whether normal, dry, sensitive or atopic-prone.


years of continuous research in dermatology

For more than 60 years, Mustela of Laboratoires Expanscience has been conducting research programs in Dermatology with world-renowned scientists, to better understand the skin of babies, children, expectant and new mothers, and thus meet its specific needs. Mustela® has discovered and scientifically demonstrated that babies have different skin types from birth:

  • NORMAL SKIN, soft and supple, which needs moisturizing and protecting every day
  • DRY SKIN, which needs nourishing and protecting
  • VERY SENSITIVE SKIN, prone to redness and stinging, which needs soothing and protecting
  • ATOPIC-PRONE SKIN, prone to extreme dryness and itchiness, which needs replenishing, soothing and protecting.

scientific publications and more than 140 patent filings worlwide

Mustela conducts dermatological research programs honored by international scientific recognition and presented in the most major Dermatology and Pediatrics conferences:

  • On the physiology of babies’ skin, from the 1st days of life, to always better understand its specific needs 
  • On atopic dermatitis to better understand the causes and mechanisms, and propose effective solutions, especially with regard to prevention.
  •  On the mechanisms of interaction between the skin and the brain (neuroscience) to understand the essential role of skin and skincare regimens in the brain and motor development of children from birth.

Normal skin

Soft and supple skin requires daily hydration and protection. Avocado Perseose®, a patented active ingredient in all Mustela baby products, works to reinforce the skin moisture barrier and maintain hydration. This powerful ingredient is biomimetic:

Dry skin

Rough and sometimes flaky, this type of skin needs extra nourishment and protection. The cold cream in the Dry Skin collection is infused with beeswax, which nourishes the skin. When applied to the skin it forms a protective barrier and helps seal in

Very sensitive skin

Prone to redness and irritation, this skin needs to be soothed and protected. Extracted from a berry traditionally used in Eastern Medicine, Mustela selected Schisandra for its Very Sensitive Skin collection. This patented active ingredient reduces

Atopic-prone skin

This extremely dry and itchy skin type needs to be replenished and protected.
In its Eczema-Prone Skin collection, Mustela has selected Sunflower Oil Distillate as a key patented active ingredient. It replenishes and maintains a healthy skin barrier

small image normal skin small image normal skin
small image dry skin small image dry skin
small image very sensitive skin small image very sensitive skin
small image atopy small image atopy

What is the skin diagnostic of your baby?

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