Our certified organic cosmetics: essentials for the whole family!

Good for the skin and planet, our certified organic range with organic olive oil counts four dermo-cosmetics essentials which can be use by the whole family, as soon as birth. What’s more: at Mustela, we decided to go beyond organic requirements stretching our green efforts from composition, to packaging and production…

Four certified organic must haves

An organic collection designed with the help of many experts

In order to be perfectly in line with parents’ expectations, we opted for a “co-design” approach, involving several parties in our project, including childhood and organic experts, stakeholders such as midwives, pharmacists, NGOs and environment experts, and last but not least: YOU, parents! – our main concern… In total, over 100 participants took part in these productive workshops.

Straight to the point: a range with few, yet essential products

Our co-design approach resulting in… a short and effective range of products:
•    A cleansing gel, to gently clean hair and body 
•    A hydrating cream which protects even the most sensitive skins
•    A diaper cream to be used on baby’s bottom after each change
•    A no-rinse micellar water to gently cleanse baby’s skin… or mummy’s makeup!

Fragrance-free, this certified organic dermo-cosmetic collection offers short and effective formulas with 8 to 16 ingredients: essentials only!

Organic certification by Cosmos Organic

This range is certified organic by an independent body, in agreement with the requirements of the European Cosmos Organic label. 

Our star ingredient: organic oil from Provence 

Our key ingredient in this certified organic range is an organic olive oil which comes straight from Emile Noël’s olive groves, in the South of France. And this is what makes it so special:
•    It is cold-pressed, in order to preserve its richness in omega 6 and 9 
•    It is known for its highly nourishing properties and leaves the skin soft and hydrated 
•    It comes from a sustainable industry that operates with respect for biodiversity. 

Beyond organic

Because “certified organic” is just not enough, this range goes beyond the Cosmos Organic label’s requirements: from composition to production conditions, our range strives to be green inside-out!

More ingredients of natural origin

While the Cosmos Organic label requires 95% organic ingredients, our new range counts 99% ingredients of natural origin, on average. 

More organic ingredients

The products also display a 50% rate of organic ingredients on the total product, while the Cosmos Organic label only requires a minimum of 20% on the total product (10% for rinseable products).

A vegan formula

All four products are free of any ingredients of animal origin.  

An eco-designed range

This range - alongside all our products - is eco-designed. This means that when we design our products and their packaging, we strive to minimize their environmental footprint to a maximum. And this is true throughout their lifecycle: from the time when the raw materials are extracted to when the very last drop of product is used. 
For this certified organic range, we chose a packaging of plant-origin derived from a sugar-cane co-product. This sustainably produced crop uses little water and helps regenerate depleted pastures.  

The first French cosmetics brand to be B Corp certified

The launch of this new organic range is perfectly in line with our brand’s overall social and environmental commitments. Our approach has been rewarded since 2018 by the B Corp certification. We were the first cosmetics company in France to be granted this label! 
But what exactly is B Corp? 

•    B Corp is a pioneering and demanding international label
•    Granted to companies with a positive impact on society and the environment 
•    Based on social, environmental and economic indicators.