Irritated areas

Your baby’s skin has a wealth of unique cell potential, but it is also delicate and undeveloped: it doesn’t yet function as a complete protective barrier.


Baby Skin Adventures

Those early days (and years!) are quite an adventure for your little one… Curiosity and daily discoveries - from a thumb to suck, a teddy bear to grab, rough clothing or flooring… - inevitably turn into a number of minor scrapes and scratches for your little one. The reason why Baby’s skin is so delicate and prone to react is because it is not fully developed yet (although its cell potential is unique) and cannot act as a full protective barrier.

Other skin mishaps such as chapped cheeks in cold weather, insect bites, nappy area redness, skin fold irritations etc. must also be taken care of, to avoid any further irritation or infection.

It takes full attention to care for your little one! And no matter how much you attend to Baby, there will be adventures - and skin adventures… So here are a few tips to:

Prevent skin irritations

  • Make sure you include a lovely moisturizing act to your baby’s daily bath routine! Carefully hydrate your little one’s face and body after each bath, using a care product for the delicate skin of babies and children, adapted to your child’s specific skin type.
  • If you’re planning for a stroll in cold weather, remember to apply a moisturizing cream on Baby’s exposed skin before you head out!


Say bye-bye! to skin mishaps

  • If you notice bites / scratches / scrapes, immediately clean and disinfect them carefully.
  • Clean baby’s irritated areas with a soap-free, non-drying skin cleanser and dry carefully
  • After being irritated, your child’s skin need to be repaired, soothed and purified: apply a specific repair cream: Your child’s skin needs to be soothed and purified to help stimulate skin repair and recover from the irritation.


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